In preparation for launching this application, several checklists were used to make sure we did not miss any important details and left holes in our application due to security, usability, or SEO, as examples.

Modern web application development is complicated. You have to keep up-to-date and master several disparate topics. These topics include UI/UX and design, software development on both the client side and server side, security, SEO, workflow processes that can include Continuous Integration and Delivery and closely tied to server administration (another topic on its own), and finally, marketing. Managing these types of complicated scenarios by using checklists is the reason why I created

To make sure we had a successful launch and provided the best possible experience for users from the beginning, several specialized checklists that were already online and functional were used, plus others were created here on based on the information we found so that they too were functional (by functional, I mean that a user can click on a checklist item and make use of the checklist, in other words, usable). In the end, a comprehensive meta-checklist was created to bring all of these pieces together. This meta-checklist provides every single user the opportunity to customize the items to make preparing for and eventually launching a website or web application a success based on individual needs.

I hope that this Comprehensive Web Application Pre-launch Checklist is as valuable to others as it was to me.

Credit for the photo to ian dooley on Unsplash.